The Balkan dance network Nomad Dance Academy has been busy with archiving and historicizing contemporary dance in the region for almost a decade. In the frame of the EU project (Non)Aligned Movements, the partners established a digital database of documents connected with practices of contemporary dance, as well as the different cultures of dance that usually surround it. Thus, dance scholars, researchers and journalists are going to get access to the source documents that are many times lacking in the processes of dance historicizations, furthermore the region that is usually considered as being detached from the important European centers of dance production is going to get an opportunity to be reconsidered as an area of crucial cultural, artistic and political antagonisms in the field of (contemporary) dance. By the end of 2024 the database is going to be open for the public and followed by an exhibition that is going to present some important aspects of dance as practice and means of resistance in the Balkans.


Co-Teaching is an educational format in which two, three, or more pedagogues co-teach the same dance training or workshop. The format is developed by the members of the NDA network and other invited guests.
CoTeaching opens the educational process by creating a safe teaching/learning environment where the transfer of knowledge as well as dance and theoretical practice are conducted in a welcoming manner.
The rules of CoTeaching are determined by a choreographic score which is adaptable to the particular situation, group of students and the task we have set ourselves. The score may include the goal of the training, time, the number of teachers, as well as other information which would facilitate a clear and at the same time playful situation.


The Critical Practice programme is oriented towards empowering discursive reflections on contemporary performing arts while enabling their breakthrough into the larger public.

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Nomad Dance Advocates is an initiative of the Nomad Dance Academy platform, initiated in 2012 as a permanent program for advocating for a more stable position and work conditions in the field of contemporary dance within the Balkan region.
Advocacy events take place in various cities throughout the region and gather artists and policy-makers with the intent to enable them to meet directly, communicate, and exchange experiences around the field of contemporary dance and the politics which concern it. With the help of performative and less formalized communication and discussions, games and art works, representatives of ministries of culture, city administrations as well as other decision-making and funding bodies encounter artists, discover the world behind the stage and gain a better insight into the potential of contemporary dance in today’s cultural landscape.