Stanica/ Station-
service for contemporary dance

Stanica / Station ( is an initiative of artists and cultural workers in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts in Serbia, launched in 2005. From the beginning, the work was aimed at strengthening that artistic community, its structuring and recognition, and its integration into the cultural system in Serbia, the Balkans and internationally.

One of the most important goals of the Station is to ensure decent professional working conditions for all active participants of the art scene in Serbia and the Balkan region, through programs of education, professional development, production, promotion, advocacy and cultural policy. Due to the wide range of its activities, Stanica has built a large network of local and international partners: Nomad Dance Academy, Life Long Burning, Association of the Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia, advanced performing arts project and many other individuals and organizations.

Since 2007, Stanica has been working in the independent cultural center Magacin, where it has an office, an exhibition space and a small studio.


The centre was founded in 2003 in Macedonia, Skopje as a non-profit organization playing the role of a platform for education, reflection, production, discussions and research in arts and culture. It is a small organization, but is a very active participant in the building and development of the democratic socio-cultural space in Macedonia and ex-Yugoslavia region. Through its activities, Lokomotiva aims to widen the access of citizens to arts and cultural events and projects and to influence the development and support of the contemporary, dynamic art and culture as incentive in the development of the democratic society.
Lokomotiva developed and implemented diverse culture and art projects, in different media and formats, such as films, performances, education, capacity building and training programmes, debates, discussions, exhibitions, researchers, advocacy activities as well we other. Lokomotiva understands culture as extended field, co-related with society, and art as experimental communication and post-discipline field that extends the forms of expression, production and dissemination.

Nomad Dance Academy

NDA CRO brings together dance organisations and independent artists working in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts in Croatia. We are a network that aims to decentralise and strengthen the artistic, performative and educational potential of contemporary art in a wider national social context.We act as an open platform that, through a series of meetings-workshops, artistic projects, continuously considers the specific needs of the dance scene at the local level as well as at the national.We are not a firmly structured program, but a development project that focuses it’s human and financial resources on strengthening those segments of the performing scene that at specific moment have the greatest potential for the wider community. Thus,we are an educational, artistic, structural and lobbying project Key activities are developed around the idea of co creations so we developed a series of residencies where artists work on a horizontal level co-creating a performing piece,educational programs or small events and workshop formats. We say it is a temporary fluid collective.


Tanzfabrik Berlin works as an internationally known centre for Contemporary Dance. It offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic and theoretic research, advanced training, further education, workshops and regular classes. Its main aim is to focus on development, presentation and agency of contemporary dance in all of its diversity of choreographic and performative approaches. This includes the promotion of young artists, the connection of theory and practice and international exchange.

Imaginative Choreographic Centre
-Bulgaria, Macedonia, Sweden and Spain

ICC functions as a net that researches different support structures for artistic works processes and stresses discursive practices around dance and choreography. ICC proposes an undefined space for collectively working around practices of nurturing the choreography and dance scene, and the creation of common resources oriented towards the artist´s work, (the totality of the labour implied in it), its regulation and its processes.

ICC does not have a physical space even though it actualises itself in different existing physical spaces. Following the same logic, ICC does not own an administrative mbody / does not have a legal organization and it functions by collaborating with already existing ones.

The territory where it operates intrinsically depends on the people who are part of it. ICC is a black hole, a denationalised container, a proposal for a choreographic center run on the bases of needs and imagination.

ICC offers different programs focused on discourse and critical practices, the dialogue between artists-art-audience, research and artistic processes. ICC is initiated and run by the artists Aleksandar Georgiev, Zhana Pencheva and Darí­o Barreto Damas and the cultural worker Viktoria Kostova. The locations where ICC currently actualizes its program activities are Bulgaria, Macedonia, Sweden and Spain, since the people involved with them are nowadays operating in those places.

For the partnership with NOMAD network ICC mostly uses “Garage Collective” as administrative body, a legally registered organisation in Bulgaria.


ANTISEZONA is a project that brings a year-round program of presentation and contextualization of contemporary dance and related performance practices at MSU and TALA PLE(j)S, led by dance artists Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad and Iva Nerina Sibila.

ANTISEZONA is created by the development of our artistic (authorial, performing, educational) and curatorial practices / interests / intensity / needs, and by the production synergy of the capacities of our artistic organizations Divert, Kik Melone and Objekt plesa, finding a partner in the central national institution of contemporary art in Croatia – MSU.

Object of Dance

Object of Dance is an artistic organization from Zagreb, Croatia that gathers performing and new media artists and curators active in the field of curation and production of festivals and programs, artistic productions and research. Our main activities are: production and distribution of artworks, curation and organization of the international festival Improspekcije, curation and organization of collaborative project ANTISEZONA, which we carry out with the organizations Kik Melone and Divert and the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, and participation in regional and international networks NAM – NDA. The artistic director of the organization is Sonja Pregrad.

Nomad Dance Academy

The organization Nomad Dance Academy Slovenia was established on the principles and experiences of the international network Nomad Dance Academy (NDA), which is active in the Balkans and connected to other countries. The essential vision of NDA is to contribute to the professionalization of contemporary performing arts in Slovenia and the Balkans through a structure which is open and inclusive.
The members of NDA Slovenia are involved in the development of artistic projects, production, festival curation, archiving, artistic direction of programs, advocacy, theory, and economy, as well as their intertwining.
The following principles inform our working processes: the principle of invitation, the principle of balance, and the principle of open space. These make it possible for the organization to grow organically as well as to welcome new members, ideas, and projects, to strive for a constant balance and to preserve in all the activities a space that is unknown and which allows for continuous development.