Nomad Dance Academy

NOMAD Dance Academy is education, research, production and promotion programme of Balkan Dance Network that gathers all available potentials and resources in contemporary dance on local and regional level with the aim to contribute to improvement and professionalization of contemporary dance in the Balkans.

The NOMAD Dance Academy programme consists of several program lines with different focus on education, research projects and regional creative cooperation, productions and co-productions.

Programme lines of Nomad Dance Academy are:

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About NDA

Nomad Dance Academy is a systematic process designed to establish strong, recognizable, unique Balkan contemporary dance scene which is professional, socially relevant and influential, open and connected.

NOMAD Dance Academy is:

Goals of NDA are:

This initiative - NOMAD Dance Academy - should open possibilities for development of the existing artistic practices and potentials in contemporary dance based on:

NOMAD Dance Academy program consists of three program lines with different focus on (a) education, (b) research programs and (c) productions and co-productions and (d) promotion.

NOMAD Educational program

NOMAD Educational program is dedicated to emerging artists in contemporary dance who live, learn, work and move together during 4 months. They have the opportunity to travel through and work in the artistic environment of Skopje, Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Ljubljana, creating a network for future artistic collaboration.

Research programme of NDA

Research programme of NDA is aimed at artistic explorations and collaborations, which are process-based and not necessarily product-oriented. Artists get the opportunity to realize a residency, initiate a new project or start a debate on any topic, and the only condition is that every research is documented by a narrative and/or visual report of the process.

Projects and initiatives that eventually derive from Researches would be further supported by NDA in accordance with its mission and vision, but this is not the primary goal.